2004 IHSA AA Sectional Tournament
February 20-21, 2004 at Morton East High School
103    112    119    125    130    135    140    145    152    160    171    189    215    275
 Mike Sands / St. Rita (So 32-9)

Alfonso Soler / Morton (Cicero) (Sr 28-9)

Champion  2nd Place
Dave Bansley / De LaSalle (So 17-8)

Shane Kennelly / Reavis (Fr 22-14)

3rd place

4th Place

David Pena (15-18)      
Dave Bansley (So 13-7) Lane  Dave Bansley    
 De LaSalle Dave Bansley  decision    
 Darius Jenkins (So 10-5)  fall 2:49   Mike Sands  
 Julian Mike Sands (So 29-9)    decision  
 Ronald Reed (Fr 22-11)  St. Rita  Mike Sands    
 Washington  Angilberto Tomayo  fall 2:56    
Angilberto Tamayo (22-5)  fall 4:56     Mike Sands
 Farragut John Caifano (Fr 13-18)     1st Place
 Shane Kennelly (Fr 20-12)  Mt. Carmel  Shane Kennelly   decision
 Reavis Shane Kennelly  decision    
Bye  bye   Alfonso Soler  
  Alfonso Soler (Jr 24-8)    decision  
 Jose Quintuna (15-9)  Morton (Cicero)  Alfonso Soler    
 Roosevelt  Dave Nicolaescu  t-fall 5:17    
 Dave Nicolaescu (Fr 18-11)  major decision      
Evergreen Park        
  Dave Bansley   
Bye Semi-final loser to 1st Finalist Dave Bansley  
Preliminary loser to 1st Finalist  Angilberto Tamayo decision  
 Angilberto Tamayo  bye    
1st Round loser to 1st Finalist     Dave Bansley

3rd Place

Preliminary loser to 2nd Finalist  Dave Nicolaescu   decision
 Dave Nicolaescu    Shane Kennelly  
1st Round Loser to 2nd Finalist  Shane Kennelly  fall 1:32  

Semi-final loser to 2nd Finalist