The Match
by Nick Burnett
Junior, Le Mars Community High School
Le Mars, Iowa
August 11, 2004

   When I take my place on that mat I'm alone. I have to ignore the roaring crowd.

   I have to put all of my focus on my opponent; if I don't I will lose the match. I stare at him thinking it will scare him, but it doesn't work.

   The buzzer sounds and it begins. I think of this match as it is my last. I want to give 110%. We finally meet hand to hand, head to head. I try to take him down, but it doesn't work. He grabs my leg and takes me down. The match is over--I am pinned. I get up and we shake hands.

   It should have been a good match, but I don't suffer over the loss.  I try to learn from the loss so I can better myself for the next time. Next time I may win or lose, who's to say? It is the hope that I will win that keeps me going.