The Cold Hard Mat
by Michael Dieterich
Westlake, Ohio
6th Grade English

(Wrestling USA, 1995)

I went to wrestle at a school
And there was going to be a meet, a duel

We were wrestling a very good team
And we thought they were going to be mean

But before the meet even began
We had 24 points without fighting a man

After our lead had dwindled down
We were afraid we would lose our undefeated crown

Then my match came and was the last of the game
And I was nervous and afraid of the pain

My guy had 8 years experience under his belt
The pressure to win was all that I felt

The match had started and before I knew it
He had taken me down and I thought I blew it

But just then I thought of a really good move
And I had just started getting into my groove

But he locked his hands and rolled me over
And in just that second the match was over
I had been pinned in 30 seconds flat

And all I had felt was the cold hard mat