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BOATS GO TO THE SEA            
Shelter Island          

Into the dawn, the bay awakes,
And boats rush out to the sea
Their shadows fall like angel wings
Sending their messages back to me.

Turned into the sun, bathed in its light,
On the glassy, solemn sea
They cut deeply their paths as
Out they go to the sea's immensity.

Sail on, beautiful boats, sail on,
Turn not to the left or the right,
But sail straight ahead until
Your fishing grounds are in sight.

MY GARDEN                                            

      Into my garden I go
When flowers are all abloom
In the evening or early morn
Or in the burning noon.

I love each little flower
And touch them tenderly
I thank each precious one
For thoughts they give me.

They share with me their beauty,
I drink deeply their perfume,
But they, like me, will fade
And pass away too soon.


      The house is quiet and lonely now
Since the children have gone away,
The clock sits on the mantle board
And loudly ticks the time of day.

All was joy and happiness
As long as they were here,
The house was full of laughter,
Our hearts were filled with cheer.

Now, to their own homes they have gone,
We would not have it otherwise,
But when they leave it's hard to keep
The stinging tears back from our eyes.

Life has been wonderful, life has been good
To loan us these our children fine,
And, so, I'll get to work and be content
To wait again for their vacation time.