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I come to you a clean New Year
Fresh from the very hand of God,
Born as the shadows of the Old Year
Disappear quietly upon an unknown sod.

'Tis true, I bring you uncertainties,
But do not let them make you frown;
And there's sure to be disappointments, too,
And troubles all around.

Remember, that the sun will always rise.
On every morning's new born breeze;
And tender shoots with sweet fresh flow'rs
Will grow beneath the spreading trees.

Sweet birds will sing and brooks will run
As they have always done before;
The winds will blow and seas will roll
Their white capped waves against the shore.

Church bells will ring and choirs will sing
Their songs of sweetest adoration,
As organs swell their grandest tones
In praise and exaltation.

Dear darling babies will be born
And many young folks will be wed
While older ones their blessings give
And many earnest prayers are said.

And in the fall, white frosts will come
And paint the landscape gold and brown;
And in the winter time the snows
Will fall, and cover up the ground.

So take the New Year that I am
With faith and hope and love abiding,
Rememb'ring, that behind all clouds
The sun and stars are always shining.