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The old sod cabin seems tenantless now
As it stand on the prairies all alone,
But it's crammed with memories of bygone days
And dreams turned into realities,
Although the folks who built it are long gone.

Here men dreamed dreams - as men have always done -
A place in this new land they wanted to fill,
Then worked to make those dreams come true -
As all who dream must nobly do -
By strong determination and a will

The winds of time blew against these earthly walls,
Sometimes fierce, more often kind Nd full of song.
From these doors cups of cold water passed
To thirsty, hardpressed passers-by
Who had traveled weary miles and long.

These dreamers saw rich harvests gathered in,
But sometimes there was none at all.
Babies were born when days were cold and hard,
And laughter shook the little house,
Sadness came when death made an unfriendly call.

Now, not far away, stands a finer house
In great beauty on a sunlit hill;
But the old sod cabin still stands as a monument
To dreamers, who helped to build a continent
By strong determination and a will.