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MY FRIENDS                       

    Over the hills my friends are fast going
Over hills so distant and far away
To a place I do not know
They are going day by day.

They are like little children
Wandering from home when night is dark
They hear a voice calling, more lovely
Than that of a morning lark.

No, it isn't dark where they are going,
Bright is their path all the way,
We should rejoice with them as they cross
The hills to that land that lies far away.

LOVELINESS IN LIFE                  

    Life has so much loveliness in it,
Such wonderful and beautiful things;
A tree silhouetted against a sunset,
A bird that sits in a tree and sings,
Young folks whose laughter bubbles over
Like bees on a field of clover

Life has so much loveliness in it,
Bright day emerging after night of rain,
Someone to love and hold you
After days and nights of pain,
And for the spirits glad delight
There are moon and stars to fill the night

So, look for the loveliness around you
If you buy it, never count the cost
For one short day of loveliness,
Count many days of ugliness lost.
For every day of loveliness
Take all you can get--no less.