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THINGS TO REMEMBER                    

    When days are filled with perplexities
And every moment brings its share of
Worries, I think on these things-
Lovely things like these, quiet things-
A brook between green banks,
A spider web laced with dew,
Autumn leaves drifting down
With sun rays slanting through,
A bird song distant heard,
A pine tree's lone melodies
Moving on the evening air
When wind fingers touch its keys.

With closed eyes I seek them
Over and over again-
Woods emerging with the dawn
After night of rain.


    When in my heart there creeps a
That God is everywhere about
I look and think upon these things,
They make my soul rejoice and sing-
Long evenings, and early dawn,
A robin feeding on the lawn;
White daisies blowing on green hills,
The goodnight song of whippoorwills;
A plane riding on a cloud,
Mountains draped with a misty shroud;
A smile, a clasp of friendly hand,
Oh yes, 'tis then I understand
And in my heart I cannot doubt
That God is everywhere about.