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THINGS I LIKE                  

      I like a brook as it wanders
Happily down into the glade;
I like the haze when it comes
Softly as the evening fades

I like the sound of the singing wind
As it blows from the mountain top;
Its laughter and musical songs
That sound as if they'll never stop

I like the plunging, roaring water
Hurrying down the mountains steep;
I like the light of the little stars
To watch over me while I sleep

I like the distant lightning's flash
And the mourning dove's soft croon
I like the song of the mocking bird
As he sings beneath the moon

I like all flowers, the rocks, the trees
And all that grows from out the sod
For it is very clear to me
They are the handiwork of God.


A SHEPHERD SPEAKS                                

    O'er hills that once were soft and green,
Our flocks were wandering, whit'ning them,
When from out a darkened midnight sky -
In answer to a suffering peoples cry -
An angel in a lyric burst, proclaimed
The Prince of Peace has come to earth.

"In David's city He is born," the angel sang;
Then, suddenly, a thousand voices rang
Down O'er the earth, a chorus far more sweet
Than anything I'd ever chanced to meet.
"Peace on earth, good will to men,"
Came sweetly from the angel throng.
Then slowly rising to our feet, with one accord
We all went forth the Prince of Peace to greet
Proclaiming Him Our King and Lord.