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    Wind against my window
I wonder what you know
Is it perfumed lilacs,
Wild flowers bending low?

Have you trod the ocean
And scaled the mountain height?
Have you stirred the deserts,
Brought in the morning light?

Have you roamed with shadows
Across a summer night
To touch a baby's face
Or make an old one bright?

Have you touched a girlie
Upon a wooded way
With her lover pleading
To marry her some day?

Wind against my window!
Oh sacred thought sublime,
If I knew your secrets
I'd learn of God and time.

TO A DEAR ONE       

    Today I ask a little thing,
To me, it means so much,
If there's a cloud I must go through
I want to feel your touch.

When down I go to suffering's depth
I know you'll understand,
You'll come and sit alone with me
And let me hold your hand.

And when the darkest hour draws nigh
The parting time is near,
I'll have no doubts, if you are there,
I'll conquer every fear.

Then in that land where I shall go
To dwell inside the gate,
I'll feel your touch, your presence there,
And for you watch and wait.