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    [Continued from Page 6]

I forgot myself in these untroubled woods
While dark clouds gathered and covered the day;
I moved through the rain and never cared
Whether it stayed or went away.

I stood on a bridge, long broken down,
Over water rushing hurriedly to the sea
On the bank, a fern waved its lacy frond
As if trying to flirt with me.

I placed my lunch on the stump of a tree,
And felt it was not a disgrace
To eat the food overrun with ants
In this quiet sequestered place.

As I walked this dappled depth of solitude,
It seemed the heavens and earth stood still
I heard no voice but the voice of One
Who created it all by His almighty will.
When day was done, I left these woods
Where I'd been apart from the world and its pain,
But I knew deep down in my heart
I would go there again and again and again.



I would have missed
The comradeship of many friends,
Green woods and meadows in the spring,
The running brooks and sleepy hills,
Sweet peace and joyful rest they bring.

I would have missed
Love that's free as the winds that blow
O'er all the earth, and all the sea;
And friendships that cannot be bought,
And faith, and hope, and constancy.

I would have missed
The dearest and the only man
In all the round wide world for me;
The joys and burdens shared alike
Since one we came to be.

I would have missed
Sweet baby arms around my neck,
And darling cheeks for me to kiss;
Of all the joys of earth and heaven
I'm sure there's none more dear than this.

Of course, life hasn't always been easy,
Along the way there's been many a thorn.
But for every thorn there were dozens of roses,
So, don't you see what I'd missed
If I'd never been born?